winter darks

Ever since about last March I’ve felt like I’m constantly two months behind. So in my mind I’m in September (maybe even late August). This probably started when I had to get a move on with the wedding planning and always felt just a liiiiiiittle bit behind with everything. So needless to say, I’m totally NOT in the Christmas mood. Friday was probably the first day that I had to accept that winter is actually coming- or is here already 🙁 It actually SNOWED. It felt so strange to actually see snow from my little late summer bubble that I’m living in.


Yesterday was also freezing but no snow. So I wore my new coat that I bought from Zara a few days ago- it’s a longish black wool coat. I’m not one of those people who buys winter coats every year but this year was definitely the time to get a new one. I was looking for something classic that I can wear with pretty much everything and I’m so happy with it! It’s super super soft and kept me warm aaaaaaaallllll day, even while wearing sneakers! In other news I’m also into wearing dark colors right now, nothing bright or neon for me please. This is probably because I’m in one of those lame “I’m ugly, I’m chubby” stages and refuse to wear anything that might draw attention to my flab. Which I really do need to get rid of stat. I did actually dig out my old hand weights from the bottom of our junk closet yesterday morning in the hopes of doing some weird at home workout video that requires weights since I’m way too awkward to go to the weights section at the gym and usually just stay glued to my treadmill (or TV monitor, who’s paying attention anyways?!). Enough rambling- Happy Monday!






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