Fixer Upper – Bathroom Inspiration

Long time no…post! I promised more flat updates but then got busy with the renovations so I won’t make any more promises. I’m currently on a train to London and am writing this from my phone so apologies if the layout will look a bit weird.

Things are starting to move pretty quickly in the flat now and it’s all very exciting. The priority is 1. the bathroom and 2. the kitchen. I’ve finally bought all the bits and pieces for the bathroom and the builders are busy tearing everything apart and fitting new things. The toilet has been taken out (with the help of scaffolding from the other side of the wall) and soon things will start getting relocated. The bathroom is a bit of a struggle because the space is VERY small! It just about fits a toilet and sink so I’m a bit concerned about squeezing in a shower. But it WILL work. Hehe we also had a bit of a situation with the window last week. Basically, the builders had taken away all the walls and old tiles etc and when we came to check out progress in the evening the window had fallen in because there was nothing supporting it up. Robbie and I had to MacGyver a fake window back into place with a bin bag to cover the hole. Luckily the fake window was only in place over the weekend and we had new windows put in last Monday 🙌 (photos below)

In terms of inspiration I had wanted to go for a ton of white in the flat but need to break it up with something so we’re going for matte black features. Like taps and floor tiles etc. I’m really excited to see what it’ll look like when it’s done. Check out some of the before and during photos below!

Shopping inspiration:

[lookbook id=”6188″] [shopr collection=”bathroom”]

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