Fishtail Half-Up Pony: Step-By-Step Tutorial


I’m back again with yet another braid. This is one basically the same as this fishtail braid photo I posted a few weeks ago, but I decided to make a step-by-step tutorial image so that it’s easy to see how simple it really is to make. I used to be so intimidated by braided hairstyles but I’m so glad I started trying them out because once I got the hang of it I realized that they’re just so easy to make. Plus, they’re great when I’m in a rush- this literally took me 10 mins, depending on the way I curl my hair. Some days I don’t even do anything to the rest of my hair, I just let it sit straight and tie it back into a bun.

Steps for this hairstyle:

1. Begin by curling all your hair. I used a 1.5″ curling iron.
2. Section of a piece of your hair in the front, depending on how thick you want the braid to look.
3. Tie back the rest of the hair so that you don’t accidentally pull any of it into the braid.
4. Make a fishtail braid.
5. Tie the braid with a small hair tie and start to pull out the hair to make it messier. I pull out a LOT of hair to make it look super fluffy and messy.
6. Tie the hair back into a half-pony or normal pony and secure with another hair-tie so that it stays put.


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