Fields of Gold

Confession: I have an unhealthy obsession with rapeseed fields. Well, I guess it’s not only rapeseed fields but any fields with flowers. If we had tulip fields here I’d be even more ecstatic.

When we flew back from the Dominican a few weeks ago I was super jetlagged but dragged myself out for a walk in Holyrood Park. When I looked out over the south of the city I spotted one lonely rapeseed field. I thought I had missed them since they bloom so quickly! So I ran back home as quickly as possible, told the husband to start the car because I needed to go find this field. He was totally not amused, to say the least. Rob doesn’t deal well with jetlag and tends to sloth around the house for about a week following a trip. Hours later I did finally convince him to go find this field with me.

Turns out that seeing a field from the top of a mountain and actually trying to drive around and find it are two completely different things. We basically circled around for about 40 minutes but finally found not one but two fields way off from where I thought I saw the first one. Seems pretty silly now but I’m glad I found them to take some photos and just to get out of the house. Pretty, right? 🙂

Wearing #thatcoat from Zara.


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