Favourite Braided Hairstyles for Winter❄️

winter hairstyles

I’m already planning all my winter hairstyles for the holiday season 😄 I feel like even though people tend to experiment more with braided hairstyles in the summer, the winter is when braids are most practical. They keep flyaways in place, they don’t get static-y or bundled up in scarves and generally just look very put together. It’s also more difficult to show off outfits when it’s freezing outside so why not show off your hair?! These are my top hairstyles that I know I’ll be playing around with in the next few months but check out my Instagram at www.instagram.com/kkland to see hair looks I’ve made on myself! ❄️❄️❄️

My favourite braided winter hairstyles

 Crown braids

winter hairstyles

I love, love love this look in the winter! Especially because I wear a lot of blanket scarves that cover my hair. This is perfect to still be able to show off your hairstyle.

Chunky fishtail braids

winter hairstyles

I don’t know how it’s even possible but I’ve gotten ever more obsessed with fishtail braids lately. I think it’s because fishtails are sooo easy to make and it’s impossible to mess them up. I’ve been using my extensions to thicken them up a bit and make them “chunkier”, which I’m loving!

Loose braided ponytail

winter hairstyles

This is a look for one of those “lazy days” where I don’t have a lot of time to get ready. The loose braid I’ve been experimenting with is a a mix of a dutch braid and a messy braid I saw here. If you want to see my take on it here is an Instagram shot.

Super messy fishtail up-dos

winter hairstyles

Back at it again with the fishtail braids. I haven’t tested this one yet because I need to get better bobby pins (mine keep sliding out?!).

Boxer braids with a twist

winter hairstyles

I’ve finally mastered boxer/dutch braids as well but I really like it when there’s a twist, like the hair twisted around the braid in the photo above. I just think it mixes up the style a bit more and makes it more interesting.


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