Hobo chic: distressed t-shirts

Soooooo. I have become somewhat of a hobo. I used to work in an office setting but back in October I moved to Edinburgh and now I basically work/study from home. While the setup works perfectly for me (wake up and roll into my “office” within a minute), I’ve become pretty lazy with my work attire, if you know what I mean hehe. At first I would try to get properly “dressed” for the day- jeans, shoes, makeup, whatever, but that only lasted a few weeks. See, my schedule is all over the place. Some days I have Skype calls at 8 AM and other days I have assessments deadlines at midnight. So it’s difficult to try to get into a normal routine when each day is different. On top of that, I am NOT a morning person. If I can help it, I will try to sleep the extra hour. But once I sit down at my desk, I usually get into the swings of things and don’t stop until I’m done with everything.
What ended up happening was that while I was drinking my morning coffee I sat down for a “quick peek” at my inbox and 7 hours later I still there, in my neon orange PJs. Hmph. The husband would come home and basically find me molding away in the dark (yes, I would sometimes forget to turn on the lamps).

But anyways, I am happy to report that I’ve found a great solution to this problem.  I have found a sort of working-at-home dresscode for myself- one that doesn’t jeopardize my comfort but helps me look somewhat put together in case I need to run out the door to pop into the post office or whatever. The look is: boyfriend jeans/leggings and distressed t-shirts. Why distressed tshirts, you ask? Why not normal tshirts? Well, I ended up buying a few that are super soft and now just really love the look of them. It’s like I can look like a slob, but a hipster slob. No? I shall call this hobo chic.

Anyways, here are my current favorite distressed t-shirts that I have on rotation:

Brandy Melville Violet top
I got this from London a few weeks ago and absolutely LOVE it. It’s the softest material in the world and washes really well. I wish I had bought more of these! Unfortunately I couldn’t find the UK link to it but they have it in stores.
distressed t-shirts brandy melville

Brandy Melville Katerina top
This one is also from Brandy Melville, bought in London. It’s not as soft as the white one and the front does come down quite a bit. My solution to that is wearing it with a fun sports bra. That way if the bra does show, it’s not really a big deal. I have a fun strappy yoga sports bra from Forever 21 which works really well.
distressed t-shirts brandy melville

Target V-neck Burnout tee
This I bought in Florida about two months ago when I had about 10 minutes to spend in Target so I ran around like a headless chicken and bought this on a whim. I totally don’t regret it. It’s longer than the other ones so it works good with leggings, too. The great thing about all these distressed t-shirts is that I don’t have to iron them or fold them properly when they’re washed. I’m really happy about them and can’t wait to find more!

distressed t-shirts target


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