The End of My Golden Summer

morning coffee balcony

It kind of feels like summer is over for me, and that’s because in a way it is. I always associate summer with “warm weather and sun” so even though it’s still August I just don’t feel like it’s proper summer when I’m in Edinburgh.
These past few weeks have been an amazing (self-proclaimed) way to end my summer. I spent last week in Stockholm working and then celebrating my wonderful two friends get married in the Swedish countryside. It was wonderful to have so many of our high school and uni friends together in one place. And this past week I’ve been in Estonia, spending my evenings taking photo walks with my mom, eating out in Kalamaja and barbequing with the family. I also finally checked off Saaremaa off my list of places to go to- but that’s for another post.
For now, here are some sun-drenched photos of this past week.

Stockholm architecture

Baltic sea sunset

Tallinn Old Town

Tallinn Old Town

Tallinn Old Town

Tallinn Old Town

Summer drive

Kalamaja Depoo

Morning balcony



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