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If someone would have told me a year ago that my blog and Instagram would get me invited to hang out with a bunch of chihuahuas (!!!!) on a Thursday evening I would NOT have believed them. But that’s exactly what happened- and let me tell ya, IT WAS AWESOME! Going to a dog café (or any kind of animal café, for that matter) is something that I don’t think I would’ve normally gone to. But when I got invited to the Edinburgh Chihuahua Cafe the idea was super appealing- playing with a bunch of chihuahuas and eating cake? Sounds like a dream. My only concern was how I was going to be able to divide my time between playing with the dogs and eating cake (spoiler: I literally took one bite of my cupcake and then forgot about it).

A little bit about the café

This is Scotlands first ever dog café, which is very exciting! There are 8 little chihuahuas you can play with and they’re all under a year old, so they’re all very energetic! These are dogs you can meet: Ama, Bee, Cleo, Duchess, Elsa, Faery, Gatsby and Hepburn 😍
Cleo was my favourite but only because she was the first one to greet me and it was her birthday haha. All of the dogs are super loving and enjoy a cuddle so I didn’t feel weird going around petting a bunch of doggies for 2 hours.

The café is run by Tanya and Ross, who own all the cute chihuahuas. They’re both so nice and welcoming, so it really is such an interactive space with both the dogs and their owners.
The way the café works is that you can book a 50 minute session through their website. They’ve blocked off certain time slots because the dogs need to have a bit of space and go for walks, which is totally understandable. They’re open Wednesday – Monday and are located centrally on 15 Frederick Street. They also do lots of special events and can be booked for private party hire- amaaaazing! Give them
them a follow on Facebook and Instagram!

5 reasons for why you need to visit a chihuahua café:

1.  Dogs are great stress busters. See, it’s all over the internet. No wonder why universities have special “puppy rooms”.

2. If you’re having coffee with someone you’re not particularly fond of (mean aunt, annoying co-worker etc) you can easily ignore them by focusing your attention elsewhere aka the dogs.

3. OR! If you’re on a first date, this place is bound to get you plus points. Puppies = 💗

4. If your partner doesn’t want to get a dog yet this is the perfect place to get your puppy fix.

5. Most importantly, they’re just very cute, okay?

6. A BONUS POINT from Charlotte, who just sent me this: You can speak in a ridiculous high pitched voice and not seem weird (this was most definitely us on Thursday).

The end. Hope you enjoy the photos!

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  • Naomi Lynch
    Posted October 7, 2018 2:12 pm 0Likes


    Do you serve afternoon tea?
    We’d like to book 25 people in your venue on 12 Jan 2019 for a baby shower 13:00-16:00.

    Would you be able to provide a package for this private little event?

    Compared with Murrayfield hotel, they offers us £50 rental for the space for three hours, plus £15.00 per person afternoon tea package (cakes, sandwiches, tea, bubbles) and also baby shower decoration and little gift for mum and baby.

    If this is something you could do, we’d prefer to host our event at your venue instead. Please let me know if this is the case.

    Many thanks,

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