Easy Hairstyle – Half-Up Pull Through Braid

pull through braid

pull through braid

pull through braid

Another day, another braid. I really wanted to try and recreate a version of the pull-through looped braid I did here, which I’ve worn a lot in the past year since it only takes a few minutes to make. This one was a tiny more complicated since I kept on forgetting that instead of pulling new strands of hair underneath each loop I would have to work with the hair I had initially pulled aside to work with. Because of that I would recommend watching a YouTube tutorial as you go along, just so you don’t miss any strands. That happened to me and by the time I got to the end of the hair I realized I had messed up and had to undo my hair all the way to the top where the problem was. I followed this YouTube video which was very clear and easy to understand. I also did add in a couple of strands of single weft clip-in extensions to try and give myself more volume rather than length for the braid. The ones I use are from Foxy Locks and are 18″seamless clips in the color platinum blonde. I’m not huge on wearing extensions because I’m so cautious of them sticking out but the seamless ones are great to use if you like braiding! No one has ever noticed or commented on them, plus they match my hair color perfectly.

I’ll be making more braids this summer so watch out for some hairstyle spam soon 🙂


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