The Cosiest Place in Scotland- RiverBeds Luxury Wee Lodges

When I moved to Edinburgh a few years ago I started Googling places to stay in the Highlands for weekend trips away. The one place that kept popping up time and time again was a little pod (that’s what I call it anyways) that was quite literally the cutest thing I had ever seen. Imagine a pod that’s nestled between the trees, sits on top of a river and has a hot tub on the side of it. That’s the RiverBeds Wee Luxury Lodges for you.
When my husband and I took our first trip to Glencoe last summer I knew I wanted to go back as soon as possible and that was when I decided to book a night there for my birthday in October. When we got there I expected to fall in love and let me tell you- fall in love I did. Even though it was dark when we arrived it was the coolest place I had been to in Scotland. There’s just something about tiny lodges in the middle of massive mountains that make you feel so small but cosy at the same time.
After visiting the RiverBeds I couldn’t stop thinking about them and told everyone that I knew about them. So can you imagine my joy when I was given the opportunity to go back?!

Last month that time finally rolled around and me and my best blogging buddy Charlotte got ourselves into her car and raced over there for photoshoots, relaxation in the hot tub and chats over prosecco. It was the perfect way to spend a weekend!


What can you expect when visiting the RiverBeds?

Getting there

The RiverBeds are located in Glencoe, which is about a 3-hour drive from Edinburgh. The drive up is gorgeous so those hours will pass quickly, trust me! See a Google map location below.

About the pods

There are 8 of them in total, seven with hot tubs and one without. I would recommend booking one with a hot tub for sure!

These are small 12 sq m lodges that are equipped with a super soft bed that can be folded up to a seating area for meal times, a toilet and shower, a small kitchenette space with a microwave, sink and mini-fridge, TV, wifi, a fantastic sound system and all the things you would need to make coffee and tea. You also get towels and small sized Scottish Soap Company shampoo and conditioner (my faveeees).

I’ve had a few questions about the quality of the lodges and how warm they are. Let me assure you, these things are super luxurious and everything is very high quality. Both times I’ve been there it’s been windy (what do you expect from Scotland?) and you literally don’t feel a thing from inside the lodge. The heating system is absolutely amazing- the second you bump up the heat it warms up. What I really liked was the lighting too- not only does it have small reading lamps beside the beds but has a mood lighting system that you can play with. All you do is twirl a little dial on the wall and it changes the colour of the lights in the pod!


with your night at the lodge you also get a complimentary breakfast. Porridge, granola, croissants, fresh fruit, orange juice and milk for your coffee. This is found in the fridge so you can wake up and have breakfast either outside on the veranda or inside the pod.
For other meals you can go to some of the restaurants which are close by or purchase coffee and snacks at their local café.

The hot tubs

These are the highlights of staying at the lodges! They’re ready to use whenever you get there! They’re set at 37 degrees but go up to about 45- so even if it’s super cold and raining out you can still enjoy the hot tubs.

What else you can do in the area

The RiverBeds offer tons of different activities like golf, Segway Tours, archery, hill walking, cycling. You definitely won’t get bored!

Now that you know how much I love it at the RiverBeds I’m really hoping you’ll want to go stay as well! If you are thinking of booking a stay the RiverBeds have given me a special offer code to share with my readers.

To get a free upgrade including prosecco, chocolates and bathrobes when booking use the code ‘kkland’.

Follow the Riverbeds on Instagram here

Visit their website here


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