Christmas Gift Guide- For Your Best Friend


Need ideas for Christmas gifts to buy for a friend?

I’ve been trying to stay on top of Christmas shopping this year (usually I tend to run around like a headless chicken on the 23rd of Dec). My favorite things to buy are smaller gift stocking type gifts so I thought I would put together a mini gift guide on things to buy for a friend or as a secret santa gift. Plus, all of these things are super inexpensive!

1. Glitter letter stickers

First up are these glitter letter stickers that I got from a friend for my birthday. I love them because they’re perfect for decorating plain things, like notebooks. Plus they’re big so they stand out ✨

2. Burt’s Bees almond and milk hand cream

For some reason I’m completely obsessed with almond smelling things right now. This little pot smells amazingly almondy and is super duper moisturising.


Candles are my go-to gifts for friends when I don’t know what to get them. They scream hygge and there are endless scents for everyone. My next candle purchase will be this one from Anthropologie. Can’t go wrong with candles!

4.Christmas jumpers

Christmas jumpers make me so SO HAPPY! 🤗 I think they’re really fun gifts for others. My favorite place to look out is obv Primark because they’re cheap. I’ll be sporting this one at a Xmas party later on this month 😉

5.Jewellery tray

These cute trays are perfect for jewellry lovers. I’ve seen several different versions, with cats and dogs but this unicorn one is still my fave 🦄

6.Foaming face mask

If there was one fun thing to give away as a gift this Christmas it would be this foaming face mask. It’s really fun to try this out with friends.

7. Notebooks

Notebooks are fail proof- everyone uses them! Especially now with the whole journalling, washi tape, bullet journal trend that’s going on. I love these notebooks from

8.Fluffy keychain

Looking for something really small? This fluffy keychain is soft and a great accessory to add to bags.

9. A cactus

Who isn’t into succulents and cacti right now?! These are great to buy because a) they’re cheap and b) you can buy one or several to add to a collection. Plus they’re the only plants that I own that I don’t kill 🌵💚

10. Monogrammed mug

Winter is all things tea, coffee and hot chocolate. Get your friend a monogrammed mug for a personalized touch ☕


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