Spending the Holidays at Home

Tallinn Christmas market

Heeeeey 👋 How are you? Happy Holidays! I hope your Xmas was spectacular (if you celebrate it)!
I’m slowly coming out of my Christmas Coma and am back in Edinburgh. I’ve spent the last few weeks eating, catching up on sleep and running around between different family households in Estonia. I also popped over to Stockholm for a few days for work but didn’t have any time to get photos.
During my days off I also visited the Christmas market a few times to get my hot chocolate and mulled wine fix. I love the market in Edinburgh but I think I gotta say that the one in Tallinn is cosier.
Even though it was a hassle to get to Tallinn this year, for both my husband and I, I had such an amazing time at home. I haven’t lived in Estonia since I was like 2 yo and every time I’m back I start toying with the idea of moving back. Will I? One day…maybe. Luckily, it’s only a few short flights away (if KLM and Brussels Airlines don’t f*ck up like they’ve been doing 😒)

How is Christmas celebrated in Estonia?

First of all, we celebrate it on the 24th, not the 25th like the UK. In my family we tend to have Christmas dinner, not lunch and we always celebrate it at my grandmothers house because it’s also her birthday on Xmas Eve.  For dinner we eat some traditional Estonian foods like potatoes, sauerkraut, blood sausage and roast pork but also add in some Swedish things like ham since we used to live there for so long. In the past few years we’ve started throwing in some random stuff too (like my moms sweet potato burgers and mozzarella aubergine this year haha).
When it comes to presents, Santa actually visits the house during the evening. Because there are usually small kids in the family or celebrating with us we can never skip this part. It’s the most important part of the evening. In our family whoever is Santa Claus (usually a family friend) will have to wear a suit that my grandparents bought god knows how long ago. It’s literally falling apart but there’s no negotiating. In order to get your presents Santa pulls out gifts out of bags and each person has to sing a song or recite a poem. This used to cause me a lot of stress as a kid and I would practise for months in advance lol. The first year my poor husband celebrated Christmas with us he was totally taken aback by this part 😂

Anyways, below are some photos from my time at home- the market, some snow, Xmas eve, spending Xmas day at the spa and exploring Tallinn. I’ll be putting up a 2017 recap post in a few days that I’m working on now!

Tallinn Christmas market

Christmas in Estonia

Tallinn Christmas market

Tallinn Christmas market

Doors of Tallinn

Christmas cappuccino

Christmas Old Town Tallinn

My tiny grandmother looking glum during XMas dinner (she wasn’t really, she was just a bit tired)

My wonderful grandfather. Also looking glum…probably in a food coma.

My cousin reciting his one thousandth poem for Santa

Tallink Spa

Tallinn Christmas market

Paju Villa

Peatus Telliskivi



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