Brunch. A word that equals angels singing, in my opinion. I’m not a breakfast person, but I sure as hell am a brunch person. It doesn’t take much to convince me to get dressed and out the door if there’s brunch involved, especially if it’s bottomless 😉 Even though I haven’t seen any bottomless options in Tallinn, there are still some spots that I always return to when I’m in the city. Usually it’s with my sister since she’s also an honorary member of the Brunchers United Association, like me *proud*
I obviously haven’t had the chance to try all cafes or restaurants in Tallinn that serve brunch, but I’ve got a few favourites that I want to share. On a side note, there are several places that don’t offer an actual “brunch menu” but if you go for a late breakfast it’s kind of the same thing! I’ve divided these by area in Tallinn, so that it’s easier to list.


Let’s start with Kalamaja, my fave area in Tallinn. I eat out here a lot, both for lunch and dinner but there are a few fun places to go to for brunch!



…like F-Hoone, a classic. I don’t think F-Hoone does an actual brunch but they serve breakfast up until 11.30. We tend to try and get here for latest around 11 so we can order off the breakfast menu. What I like about coming here is that the breakfast and lunch menus aren’t crazy different, but the prices are a lot cheaper! F-Hoone is also great for bigger crowds- we’ve come here with the whole extended fam of about 10 and their large tables fit everyone comfortably. Be sure to book ahead though.

What to get?
– Their kohupiima pancakes!!! (my favourite!)
– A hot sandwhich (my sister loves these)
– Green smoothie (always a must for brunch)

Find them here:
Location on Google Maps here

Renard Coffee Shop


I wouldn’t say Renard Coffee Shop is a real brunch place, as it’s more of a cafe but what they do have is fantastic coffee and great pastries. What’s also fun is that there’s a motorcycle shop connected to it, a barbers and a record shop upstairs.
BONUS! There’s a chance you’ll meet the dog that basically lives upstairs (you can see him standing on the stairs waving me off in my Insta pic above).

What to get?
– Any coffee because they’re all great!
– Their chocolate kuki (aka cookie haha) which is almost like a cake and cookie in one. I’m salivating at the thought of it.

Find them here: 
Location on Google Maps here

Klaus Kohvik

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Klaus isn’t located in the main area of Kalamaja, but more towards the harbour. It’s a good location if you’re heading to or leaving Tallinn via the ferries or ships. Klaus does an actual brunch, which I haven’t had the chance the try yet because you need to book in advance and it’s so popular that spots fill up hella quickly. Because I can say that their breakfast is great, I’m sure their brunch will be even better.
Also, if you come here in the summertime make sure to sit outside because it’s right next to the water, but also close to the Culture Kilometre walkway where you can people-watch your heart out.

What to get?
– Just get the brunch menu and call it a day.
– But if you don’t want to get the brunch menu get the ‘little fat pancake’ (hehe, if I was a pancake, this would be me) which are kefir pancakes with vanilla ice-cream and raspberry jam, YUM!

Find them here: Klaus Kohvik Facebook page
Location on Google Maps here



One of the prettiest areas of Tallinn, for sure. This part of town is great to come to with grandparents or family. Every time my in-laws visit Estonia, we spend time here and it has some fantastic brunch spots you can’t miss!

Faehlmanni Kohvik

I stumbled upon this little cafe only a few months ago when my dad had heard about it from a colleague. We decided to give it a shot on a cold Sunday morning and definitely did not regret it. It feels like you’re in someones cozy living room, with large windows and cute interiors. Also a great Instagrammable place since the coffees and food are always presented nicely.

What to get?
– Avo toast!!!
– Again, pancakes, but I’m starting to sound like a broken record now (can you tell I just really like pancakes?!)

Find them here: Faehlmanni Kohvik Facebook page
Location on Google Maps here


NOP, which stands for Neighbourhood Friendly Place, is such a classic in Kadriorg! Even though it’s kind of pricey, and the service could be slightly better, it’s still one of my favourite places to come to in Tallinn. I usually come here in the summer since they have a lovely big courtyard open in the back. Their menu changes pretty frequently as well, which I like. PLUS! They have a lovely little shop connected to the restaurant where I like to browse after having a meal. In all seriousness, you could spend a whole afternoon here, first eating and then shopping. Not bad.

What to get?
– Literally any smoothie as they’re all delicious.
– All of their egg dishes are great!

Find them here:
Location on Google Maps here

Old Town

Must Puudel

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I don’t have a lot of photos from Must Puudel since the last few times I’ve been there it’s been winter and it’s a pretty dark place and taking photos is difficult. However, in the summer they open up their courtyard, which is small but cozy, with fun decorations! This place is fantastic for any meal, but coming here before the lunch crowd for a relaxed brunch is always a win. They switch up their menu frequently but one thing that is always the same is the selection of amazing cakes!!! You’ll see them when you walk in through the front door.

What to get?
– Pastries and cakes, duh.
– Their iced coffee is pretty nice!

Find them here: Must Puudel Facebook page
Location on Google Maps here

Kohvik Komeet

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If you’re from Estonia and haven’t been to Kohvik Komeet, what rock have you been living under?! If you’re visiting Estonia and haven’t heard of Kohvik Komeet yet, what rock have you been living under?! This place is an absolute MUST, especially if you have a sweet tooth (I mean look at that photo above of all the cakes). They open slightly later than most places (11 am) but that doesn’t mean you can’t come here for brunch. They have a rooftop open in the summer months which has seriously amazing views and super comfortable sofas *desperately tries to find friend to go to Kohvik Komeet with asap*

What to get?

Find them here:
Location on Google Maps here

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