Braided Updo Hairstyles for This Summer


Ever since I posted my 5 beachy hairstyles for summer, which was meant to be inspiration for me try new hairstyles this season, I’ve been dyyyyying over one look in particular: braided updos. Every time I go to a “formal” event and get my hair done at a salon I always, always ask for something braided. For years I’ve been trying to french braid my own hair but for some reason it always looks like a four-year-old has attempted to put some kind of lopsided nest into my hair.
BUT! There’s a but! At last I have figured out a small trick to make my braid resemble a messy updo, by pulling out strands of hair and makes the braid part a bit “fluffier”. This makes the whole messy nest look a bit more intentional in a weird way. Since I’ve just only started to get a hang of the braid thing I’ve been searching for other braided hairdos like crazy! Here are the do’s that are next up on my list to attempt to recreate:

1. Braided flower crown alternative

braid updo
I would love to try this with flowers tucked in to the braid instead of a traditional flower crown. It’s almost a bit more toned down so I could wear this anywhere. Only question is whether to try real or fake flowers?

2. Mini braids


Technically this isn’t an updo but it would be really fun to incorporate this into one! I have a feeling the smaller braids are pretty easy to do so I might give this a go tomorrow 🙂

3. Focus on the back


This is definitely a style that I don’t think I can do myself! But I loooooove it!

4. Super messy braided updo


This is similar to the braid I’ve been able to make but the braid is smaller and the whole look is messier, probably due to the curls.

5. Braid + ponytail do


Again, this isn’t an updo but would be great to try as a summer look with the ponytail. Probably a good one to go for with second (or third) day hair? 😉


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