Back in Tallinn for the summer

I’M HOME IN TALLINN! Couldn’t be happier to finally be back. Summer in Estonia is my favorite thing ever. I don’t even mind being in the city when the weather is like this. No need to plan and think about how many layers I need when I step out the door. And I love how everything is so close. 5 minutes to the Old Town, 5 minutes to this restaurant, 5 minutes to that shop. It’s makes everything so much more fun and spontaneous.

I’ll be at home for the next month or so. My plan is to be in the city during the week (mostly) and spend long weekends in the country at our farm house. I think it’ll be nice to have a mix of both and I’m looking forward to a more low-key relaxing summer compared to last years where I was manically trying to plan a wedding. LOL thank god that’s over!

The past few days at home have consisted of family hangouts, my first proper summer barbecue, a few meetings, an evening stroll in the old town and eating sushi from my favorite place in Tallinn- Sushi Plaza (get the salmon tempura rolls! urgh now I’m salivating again).
And now…let the summer roll on.

Tallinn old town

tallinn old town


sushi tallinn


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