My favourite autumn hairstyles

autumn hairstyles

Since I’m really trying to embrace the autumn (can you tell?!) I’ve started looking up new hairstyles to try this season. I cut my hair last September and it’s grown so slowly. It’s only been the last few weeks that I’ve noticed it going from “short” to “semi-short”. Which makes me really happy since I can try out new hairstyles and perhaps move away from the whole braid thing that I was so crazy about this summer.

 Low ponytails
autumn hairstyles

Ponytails are great in the autumn because they work well with scarves and don’t make that weird bunch in the neck. Plus, it’s too cold to wake up early to wash and blowdry my hair every day so dry shampoo and messy ponytails it is.

Loose waves

autumn hairstyles
I know, messy waves scream summer but for some reason I think wavey hair looks so nice in the autumn. I recently bought a 2″ curling iron and I’m really happy with the results. My curls literally stay put for 3-4 days 😀

Braided up-dos

autumn hairstyles
It would be silly to say that I won’t try any new braids this season since I love them so much but I’m planning on making them more “autumnal”. Maybe a flower crown braid like the one above 🤔

Messy half-up dos

autumn hairstyles
I looooove this. It’s kind of a mix between the braided look above and a low pony.

Messy buns

autumn hairstyles
This is me every autumn. Especially with loose, chunky sweaters. Love love love 💓

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