My Autumn Bucket List

Autumn bucket list

I’m sitting here with my third coffee in hand, the candles burning and I’m listening to the rain outside. Summer’s most definitely over. I’m half sad half excited for the autumn. In a nutshell, I am this meme.
In all honesty I actually really enjoy the autumn and find myself with a newfound energy when September hits. My mind tends to run by an”academic calendar” (totally not the right term but I’m going with it). September is when school starts, new stationary is out, everyones refreshing their wardrobes for the new season, sharpening their pencils etc etc. Basically, I’m trying to live the life of my 14 year-old sister. As we do. Or?
All lame jokes aside, as per usual, Sept is a fresh start. I wrote a list of things I did this summer which made me really happy to see how much I had actually been able do. So here am I with another list, this time for what I’d like to do this autumn. These aren’t anything super special but they make me accept the cold and darkness a bit easier. Here we go…

1. Pick apples

We have tons of apple trees at our summer house and usually spend September weekends picking them and making them into apple juice. I think in total we were able to get about 100 litres last year! Even though it’s quite a bit of work it brings the family together and you never go thirsty 😛
My friend Eleonor also sent me photos from a beautiful apple orchard near Stockholm that she went to called Rosenhill. She’s planning on going back this year and I’m trying to figure out when I’m back in Sweden to join her.

2. Bake

Last year I tried to desperately perfect my pumpkin pie making skills and unfortunately failed. I ended up using the wrong kind of condensed milk and made it too runny. Then I obviously gave up and didn’t try again, which seems to be a theme in my life. NOT THIS YEAR. Get back on that horse, KK.

3. Coffeeshop hopping

I love, love, love coffeeshops, especially in Edinburgh. There are so many to choose from, in many different styles that offer amazing coffees. I’ve already been to a few new ones lately and it has gotten me so inspired to go and work from them a few afternoons a week. I’ll be posting a couple coffeeshop reviews on the blog soon!

4. City breaks

Copenhagen city break
Nothing is better than exploring new cities in the autumn. Less people, a lot cheaper and more options in terms of  choosing accommodation. Last autumn we went to Copenhagen and this year we’re going to….Copenhagen. lol. I Googled around a few months ago and Copenhagen was the easiest to get to with the cheapest prices so we just went ahead and booked it. We loved it last year so I have no problems going back. AND we’ve convinced (with minor effort, might I add) some friends to join us this year.
We’re currently in the middle of putting together a mini weekend itinerary so if anyone has any Copenhagen recommendations please get in touch!

5. Bathtime

Autumn = occupying the bathroom every evening for 2 hours while you sit in a bath reeking of lavender.
I’m planning on spending many nights scrubbing and singing away in the bath. Sorry Rob. I’ve already stocked up on new bath salts.

6. Get stuck into bigger projects

I’ve got quite a bit going on this autumn- a new course and a couple new projects, all while still trying to work my usual day-job as much as possible. These are all quite exciting things and I’m way more excited about them as I was this time last year. I hated the course I was on a year ago so this almost feels like a fresh start. Hopefully I’ll be able to share more about the projects I’ll be doing soon!

7. Read books

Bedside books
The summer was so busy that it took me 3 months to finish ONE book! Even though I had big plans to check off a lot of books off the list. But I’m finally catching up. I find it easier to settle down and read in the autumn because I’m usually behind the computer more during the day. When evening rolls around my eyes don’t want to be staring at a screen anymore so reading books are perfect for me.
I just finished Matt Haig’s newest book called How to Stop Time, which is absolutely fantastic. I cannot recommend it enough. Because I loved that book so much I bought two more of his books so I can’t wait to get stuck into them.

8. Organise my closet

Sigh, this is a big task that I’ve been putting off for a while. I decided to postpone my closet clear-out until the autumn due to three things: a) I need to pack away my summer clothes, b) our big wardrobe in Edinburgh is in a tiny room that is hard to move around in and c) we need to rent out our flat in Tallinn that I have a bunch of my clothes in. So I think the first step is to deal with the flat in Tallinn first. Once that stuff is sorted and organised I’ll hopefully feel more motivated to clear the rest out.
On that note- if there is anyone looking to rent a flat from the end of September in Tallinn DM me on Instagram pls!

9. Decorate

And by decorate I mean run to TK Maxx and buy as many pumpkin smelling candles as my arms can carry. Hehe.

10. Explore more of Edinburgh

Edinburgh Fleshmarket Close

Now that the Fringe is finally over and I’m not having to avoid central parts of Edinburgh, I’m excited to go out and explore this city more. There’s just so much to see and do here and I can’t get enough. Last week I was in Trinity and Newhaven which was so pretty! Love finding new spots in Edinburgh.

And that’s the end of my autumn bucket list. What are you planning on doing this autumn? 🙂


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