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My name is KK!

Welcome to my little slice of the internet.

My name is KK (not my real name but since my parents gave me the world’s most difficult name it’ll have to do), and this is my lifestyle/travel/photo/food/ginandtonic/everythingelse blog. Basically a mix of anything and everything, really.

Since you clicked on the ‘about me’ section, here’s a little bit of background…

I was born in a tiny, tiny country called Estonia back in ’88, before moving to Sweden a few years later. Then at the ripe age of 5, my family and I moved to the US, and at the age of 11 it was back to Sweden. After finishing high school in Stockholm I moved to Scotland to go to uni. After finishing my degrees I moved back to Sweden for a few years to work in social media marketing, where my interests for all things social stemmed.

I’m now based back in Edinburgh, Scotland where I live with my husband Rob and couldn’t be happier (even though it rains non-stop). I still work with social media but have expanded into an array of webstuffs also. I’m interested in content creation, web design, SEO – to name but a few.

"When you believe in something, believe in it all the way."

With my years of working in both social and digital I also acquired a new hobby, which I love dearly: taking photos. I’m no expert in the field but it’s something that I keep trying to get better at – hence why it’s likely you’ll find me with a camera in hand. You can check out some of my pics on my photo page or on my Instagram.

This blog started due to a combination of things – my increasing interest in photos and my love for travel (I don’t stay put in one place for more than a few weeks). Seeing as I didn’t want to spam my Instagram followers all day long, I decided to spew them all out here on the blog.

Here you can find posts on my days spent in Edinburgh, or me wandering around my hometown of Tallinn, my travels, my love of coffee and coffeeshops, some style and clothes thrown in there, and also what I like to eat and drink.

Other than that all I have left to say is that I like spending lazy days in bed, eat too much candy (NOTE: husband is a dentist so this often means I have to eat sweets in the dark or in the bathroom), enjoy making braids in my hair, really like white wine, consult Google for almost everything (mostly hangover advice) and find memes the best creation since…well, ever.

If you want to work with me then please send me an email or head over to my contact page!