A Day in Montmartre

Our wonderful weekend in Paris is over 😭 I’m obviously bummed and have had major Paris blues but at least I have nice photos to look through. This was the first time I’d been there in the winter and while it was cold AF (-7C on Saturday!) it was still beautiful! Clear blue skies, crisp air and lots of sunshine. We had an Airbnb in Montmartre which is my favorite area of the city and I’m so glad I got to explore more. We spent Saturday morning there before heading off to other areas and most of Sunday.
I thought I would put together a tiny list of things that I really enjoyed doing in Montmartre and that I would recommend for others too.



Visit the Sacré-Coeur


This is obviously a must-see in Montmartre. The big white church that you can’t miss. I really like walking up the hill to look at it from up close and the views down are amazing. Turns out that our Airbnb was about 3 minutes from it so we got really lucky.

There are lots of stairs going up the church from every side, which is nice because each side has a different view.

Sinking house of Montmartre

I’m sinking.
What are you sinking about?

This was the coolest thing I got to see in Paris- the sinking house of Montmartre! I saw this pop up on a blog here and knew that I needed to go hunt it down. If you walk up the main big stairs to the Sacre-Coeur it’s to your right.


We weren’t planning on doing a whole lot of shopping in Paris because we only had hand luggage with us but we realized that Montmartre has some pretty nice shops. We stumbled upon the A.P.C outlet store where Rob got himself a coat at 50% off. There are tons of other shops like Maje and Sandro just around the corner but also small boutiques and jewelry stores.

Find A.P.C Surplus at 20 Rue André del Sartre. Website


Sit outside and drink coffee/wine


Even though it was pretty cold outsides, most cafes still have outdoor seating. At first I thought people were completely crazy but I didn’t realize just how strong the heating lamps were. I had to even take off layers! It almost felt like sunbathing hehe. We sat outside and had a glass of wine after dinner on the Saturday evening and spent a long 2h lunch outside on the Sunday, it was so lovely, especially after sitting indoors for the last four months. Plus it doesn’t hurt that everyone dresses so well in Paris so it’s nice to people watch.


Wander and take photos

Obviously most of my time in Montmartre spent looking up at the buildings, windows and balconies. It’s the perfect place to just wander around with no direct plan. Every street and corner is a photo opportunity- great for Instagram hehe.


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