6 Small Things That Bring Me Joy

Last night I was lying in bed winding down and listening to some relaxing music. I heard Rob come in from the other room and I immediately felt annoyed. Not very annoyed, just the tiniest amount annoyed. I had made the bed all warm and cozy and had stretched out and now I had to give all this up and move over?! I got over this pretty quickly, though. Because I realised how silly I sounded and also, I do actually really like sharing the bed with him.
But it got me thinking. About how such a small thing like stretching out in my nice bed is literally one of my most favourite things in life. I mean, yeah, I like “nice things” or whatever, but there are so many small things in my every day that bring me so much joy, even if it’s just for a second. I wrote these things down (I only came up with 6) and wanted to share:

1. Getting the bed to myself after Rob gets up to go shower

This is where my annoyance last night actually stemmed from. Let me explain.
My morning routine goes something like this: I wake up to Rob’s alarm clock. He snoozes it a few times and finally get out of bed to go and shower. It’s THIS precise moment that I love so much. Being able to roll onto his side of the bed where it’s warm and stretch out and fall back asleep as he closes the door. I mean, it’s short-lived because he’s back in the room within 10 minutes, with the lights on, singing horribly high-pitched songs but still…

2. Spring sunlight

I know it’s spring when we get evening sun in the kitchen (which faces the back of the building). Oh, it makes me so happy. The light is always so soft and warm- it’s just the best feeling because then I get reminded that we have the whole spring and summer ahead of us.

3. Drinking cold water in the middle of the night

Last weekend I realised that maybe the winter isn’t so bad after all. For one reason only. I had bought a large bottle of sparkling water (…mmmm) after a few drinks out with friends and put it next to my bed when I went to sleep. A few hours later I woke up with horrible cotton mouth and grabbed the water bottle. It was the nicest drink of water I’d had in a long time because it was super cold since we don’t keep the heating on at night. Nothing is worse than drinking lukewarm water in the middle of the night- EW.

4. That Friday feeling

Aaaaah…it’s such a nice feeling when you close your laptop on a Friday evening and realise that you have the full weekend ahead of you. This happens to me particularly when I have nothing planned. It’s like, there’s this big unknown adventure ahead of me and I don’t even know what it is yet. Or maybe there’s no adventure at all, maybe it’ll just be coffees in bed and watching Netflix but that’s okay too, because it’s my weekend and it’s all under my control.

5. Living in the shower

I’m one of two extremes. Either I despise showering and find it to be such a chore or it can be impossible to move me out of the shower. It’s the latter that I love so much. Like when you can’t be bothered taking a shower and do it anyway and then never want to leave. Basically, I am this meme.

6. Waking up feeling just the right amount of refreshed

This mostly happens on weekends, and very rarely, which makes it extra special. It’s when you wake up without being disturbed, open your eyes and feel absolutely perfectly refreshed. It’s even better when you check your phone and see that it’s at least 9 AM so you know you won’t start lagging after a few hours. Why am I smiling while writing this like a little creep?

Can anyone relate or am I just a weirdo?!



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