5 Benefits of Using Hair Extensions

Top 5 Benefits of Hair Extensions


For years I had really long, thick hair. But then I started bleaching my hair and slowly it became more and more damaged, to the point that the bottom layers of my hair were much shorter than my top layers (lol, my ponytails looked reaaaaaal good with hair sticking out on the bottom). Right after my wedding last July I decided to chop off most of my hair to give it a fresh start. So now, about a year later, even though my hair is “healthier”, it’s still not very long because it grows very slowly. As I’ve been getting into braids and different hairstyles lately I’ve been thinking of testing our clip-in hair extensions, just to try and experiment with different styles while I wait for my slow ass hair to grow.
In an attempt to convince myself to get some extensions, I’ve been researching what the actual benefits of hair extensions are. Here are the top 5 things I found:

  1. Instant hair change

    Short one day, long the next?
    Plus, this would be good if I want more volume without length.

  2. Colour change

    3d83c516e1448f8576110e9a4f1217a3I color my hair a loooot. Every few weeks I get my roots done with bleach, which is super damaging to my hair. I keep seeing balayage style extensions online, which would be fun to use if I didn’t want to color my hair for a while 😍

  3. Low maintenance

    hair-extensionsLook, I’m lazy. Especially in the AM because I’m not a morning person. I would rather be sleeping than blow-drying and styling my hair for 30 minutes each morning.
    Also, extensions give hair a break from styling tools, which helps it grow faster 👍

    Different looks for different occasions

    This is probably the most exciting thing for me- hair extensions create more possibilities for trying out new styles for different events. It’s so much easier to get a fuller looking bun or braid when using extensions because there’s just more hair to work with.

    Split ends no more

    Well, kind of. This isn’t technically true because split ends won’t just disappear when adding hair extensions. Buuuuut, what they do help with is hiding them.

I think I’m going to start looking around at different options and see what brands are out there. Any suggestions? 😊


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