Welcome the summer with these beachy hairstyles


YAY! I’m so happy that the summer is FINALLY here! I’m off to Cannes today for a long weekend to kickstart it all. Not only have I been thinking about what to pack and wear while I’m over there but also about my hair. I tend to look like a wet dog when I’m by the pool or beach and it definitely isn’t photo friendly. So I’m determined to actually try to look presentable for once 🙂 Here are some beachy hairstyles that I’m into at the moment:

  1. French braid updo

    French-braid-updoHmm..again, I’m still not good at french braiding my own hair but luckily my friend has managed to teach her boyfriend Erik how to braid her hair…so I might need to have a little chat with him hehe! Apparently he’s really good at it! This would keep my hair out of my face too, which is a major bonus.

  2. Long & wavey

    Lately I’ve noticed that my hair is getting a lot longer so it’s easier for it to keep waves and curls in. Before I would curl my hair but like thirty minutes later it would be flat again. So I think I might take my Bumble & bumble salt spray with me and try this out!

  3. Down & braided

    Ahhh, I love this! My hair ins’t nearly as long as hers but I think it could keep a braid it fairly well if it was a bit wet or salty.

  4. Half up, half down
    half up pony

    Desi (insert heart eyes emoji)! I’m not sure how I would look with this hairstyle, maybe more like an alien but I might try it out this weekend.

  5. Half up boho bun
    Half up bun

    This is literally the easiest hairstyle to do. I love it! It looks a bit more effortless than the previous hairstyle.


Au revoir! Off to the country of cheese and wine.

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  • Isabelle
    Posted May 28, 2018 3:23 am 0Likes

    I would love to be able to do anything you can do in your hair, but more than half of the hair you show wear all the extensions it helps to have extensions and thick hair and my hair is long but thin and too soft why show hairstyles for those with thin hair give stuff so that the hair has the friezes stay curly a whole evening and what to do with long hair that is not thick

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