48 Hours in Copenhagen- Things to Do on Both Sunny and Rainy Days

How to Spend 48 Hours in Copenhagen

A few weeks ago we flew off to Copenhagen for a fun weekend away with our friends. It was a quick stop, just Friday night to Sunday night but we managed to squeeze in quite a bit.


on a rainy day

On Saturday morning I woke up, pulled the blinds up and was met with grey skies. Not ideal. But also kind of cozy, no? What should one do on a rainy day in Copenhagen?

Vesterbro Copenhagen

sleep in

Firstly, get back into bed. Why the hell are up you up so early? Our Vesterbro Airbnb was exactly the kind of hipster and cool place you’d expect it to be in that part of town. We chilled in bed for a while, scrolled through Instagram and talked about what we should get up to that day.

Vesterbro Copenhagen


Soon after rolling out of bed and slapping on some makeup we decided it was time to get some food in our bellies. Our Airbnb was conveniently located across the street from Mad & Kaffe (means food and coffee) which is meant to be Copenhagen’s best breakfast spot of 2017. Turns out that the rest of CPH was also keen on getting breakfast from this spot. Luckily Eleonor & Erik signed our names up and got us all take-away coffees that we drank at the flat before heading down.

The idea here is simple- you fill out a little form with what you want to eat. You can choose between 3, 5 or 7 items. We all chose 5 and it was more than enough food. Pricewise it’s not too bad- we paid 125 DKK (about 15 quid or 16 euro)  for the 5 items. I’d definitely go eat there again- in fact, we tried to queue up the following day but the wait was around 2 hours so we had to leave, sadly.

Mad & Kaffe Copenhagen

Mad & Kaffe Copenhagen

wander around

After breakfast we thought we would try and get some walking in before the rain started. I really wanted to get a glimpse of the smallest hotel in the world, which is also in Vesterbro. I really like quirky things like that and I’m glad I got to see it (Pinterest told me to, basically). It’s called Central Hotel & Cafe and has a tiny cafe on the bottom floor and just one room on the top floor. ONE DAY I WILL STAY THERE I told myself. We actually ended up walking by it at nighttime and it was even cuter in the rain with the lights on.


Central Hotel & Cafe Copenhagen

Smallest hotel in the world Copenhagen

Visit Louisiana- the Museum of Modern Art

When the rain started shortly after our walk to the tiny hotel we knew it was time to make our way to the train station and go to Louisiana, the modern art museum that I’ve been dying to go to for years.
Getting there and buying tickets is very simple- I would recommend buying both the train tickets and entrance tickets to the museum at the train station. I can’t remember exactly how much we paid but it was around 200 DKK each. The train takes around 40 minutes and once you get off the museum is well sign posted. Or just follow the crowds. It’s in a strange place, almost feels like you’re walking around in someones neighbourhood (which I guess you are…) and then suddenly you get to this normal looking black house. It’s a whole other story on the inside and on the grounds in the back (which we didn’t explore much due to said rain).
There were lots of things that I really, really enjoyed at the museum, like a light installation by Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama but there were also things that made me feel super uncomfortable, which made for great conversations afterwards. I’d go back in a heartbeat because it’s such a fun way to spend an afternoon.


Louisiana Copenhagen

Louisiana Copenhagen

Louisiana Copenhagen

Dine at Les Trois Cochons

Finally, after getting back to town it was time for dinner. We booked a table at Les Trois Cochons, a French bistro-style restaurant. I wouldn’t say the service was great (in fact I’d say it SUCKED) but the food was amazing and the prices weren’t bad. I think they opened pretty recently and are already super popular but if you’re in Copenhagen next time I’d recommend eating there for sure.

Les Trois Cochons Copenhagen

on a sunny day

The following morning we woke up to clear skies- hallelujah! We had a couple of things we wanted to check off the list like seeing Nyhavn, riding bikes and checking out the Meatpacking District, where we had a drink the night before but it was super dark.

strong breakfast

Again, breakfast is essential before a day of wandering. It’s also Eleonor’s very favourite part of the day so we needed to make sure it was going be a good breakfast spot. We settled on Bang & Jensen, where Rob and I had been to the year before. It’s the same concept as Mad & Kaffe where you check items off on a list of what you want to eat. It really is such a good concept, like receiving a mini smorgasbord of breakfast items.

Bang & Jensen Copenhagen

Vesterbro Copenhagen

Bang & Jensen Copenhagen

Sightseeing by bike

After breakfast it was time to find one of the many bike stations and hop on one of the city’s famous electric bikes. This is a godsend to me because I’m lazy hehe. It’s such a great way to see the city without walking in crowds or trying to deal with public transport.
Our first stop was Nyhavn where we took a little wander around and got some sunny photos.

Nyhavn Copenhagen

Nyhavn Copenhagen

Get some nibbles at Paper Island

After biking around some more we decided it was time to go to Paper Island for a drink and shnacks. This place has tons of street food options, literally every type of meal can be found here. It was really busy on a Sunday afternoon but still worth the visit.

Paper Island Copenhagen

Copenhagen Paper Island

Paper Island Copenhagen

Copenhagen doorways

Pack up & get some late lunch at the Meatpacking District

Finally, we had to ride our bikes back to our Airbnb’s and pack up our stuff 🙁 After checking out we met up at the Meatpacking District and had some amazing pizzas at Mother. Easy peasy.
Then it was time to grab our bags and head back off to the airport. Sigh, another great weekend was over. The End.

mother pizza Meatpacking District Copenhagen

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