3 days in London

What I was able to pack in to 3 days in London!

3 days in London is definitely not a long time, but I feel like I was able to pack in quite a lot.

Covent Garden rooftop bar

I set off on Thursday last week, with my little green suitcase in tow. I’m not huge into making tons of plans when I go visit places, mostly because it stresses me out and I can’t enjoy the *moment* hehe. I especially feel this with cities like London because they’re so big and it’s impossible to try to do everything in 3 days. Highlights: Drooling at beautiful houses that I want to live in someday, my first bottomless brunch (!!!), shopping at Whole Foods, eating copious amounts of cheese and laughing too much.

Covent Garden rooftop bar

We kicked off the weekend by enjoying a few bottles of vino in Covent Garden with my three best friends Maria, Andrea and Emma.  The weather was absolutely amazing- still light at 6.30 pm and super mild. Thumbs up from me! After the wine we parted ways and Emma and I walked back to her flat (green suitcase in tow) to grab some dinner and head off to sleep.

Cup of tea London

We lounged about for ages on Friday morning, having cups of tea and answering emails etc before venturing off into the big world. We didn’t have a specific agenda so just wandered around looking into shops in Knightsbridge and Kensington. We actually ended up in Whole Foods TWICE hehe. I only wanted to go in there to try to find a brand of tea that I bought in the US last year called HiCaf, but they don’t sell it, meh. Apparently one tea bag has more caffeine in it than an americano?! Instead I bought lots of chocolate to make up for it hehe.

Pimlico London houses

Knightsbridge London

London wall

I wanted Emma to take a photo of me against this white wall but I ended up looking like a complete idiot because in reality I hate having my photo taken. Lolz. For some reason I packed pretty much nothing for my trip- just PJs and some makeup, but no clothes?! So this was what I wore on Friday before we popped into a few shops so I could buy something to wear on Saturday.

In the evening we went to a pop-up restaurant to eat grilled cheese sandwiches with the girls. Random, I know. It was a really fun experience even though I felt soooo full after eating so much bread and cheese! When we got back home I was still in my food coma and fell into a deep sleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

Bottomless brunch

On Saturday it was my BFF’s Andrea’s birthday HOOOOORAY! I was so excited because it was my first time trying a bottomless brunch. This was hands down the BEST french toast I have ever had in my life. And no, that’s not ice-cream on top, that’s cinnamon whipped cream. So.damn.amazing. The prosecco was also a good shout because both Emma and I had majorly slept in and were feeling pretty groggy.

Shoreditch flowershop

After the brunch we tried to find a fun place to sit and have a few drinks in Shoreditch.

Bar London

Finally, we ended up here, at the Owl & Pussycat. We actually sat here for hours, just talking and sipping. And flexing our muscles, apparently.

Woman red umbrella

When we left the bar I saw this lady in red with her umbrella and thought it was amazing in my wine haze. Luckily, when I woke up on Sunday I was still pretty happy with the photo haha (just wish the man on the left wasn’t standing there).

London friends

Here are all my beautiful friends outside of Forge & co where we had our bottomless brunch. I miss them already 🙁

London horse infirmary

Because we started so early on Saturday we were actually back at home at about 10 pm so we were able to get to bed at a reasonable hour. But that didn’t stop me from feeling pretty fragile and emotional on Sunday. I had my ticket booked for Monday afternoon but I changed it to Sunday evening instead, just so I could wake up fresh at home and get cracking with work on Monday.

I’m already planning on a new weekend to go back to London, perhaps in June? Can’t wait!


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