My 3 Day Copenhagen City Guide: Where to Eat and Drink


This is part two of my Copenhagen city guide, which covers restaurants, coffee shops and bars to check out. See part one here

Where to eat

Cafe Bang& Jensen in Vesterbro




We went to Bang & Jensen on our first proper day in Copenhagen to try their smørrebrød, which is basically like open face sandwiches with different toppings. This place was even better than I thought! I had a sandwich with hot smoked salmon, potatoes and capers on dark rye bread. SO GOOD.

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We tried to go to Møller on the Sunday for brunch but it was packed to the brim. Instead, we went there first thing on Monday morning. It’s almost like a tapas place, but with breakfast. You fill out a little sheet with the different dishes that you want and hand it in at the bar. I had waffles with homemade nutella and Rob had sausages, eggs and muesli. Definitely worth a visit!

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We went to Bodega on a whim on one of the days when we were semi-hungover and just needed food. I was too hungry to take any photos but I wish I had because I had some amazing pancakes and Rob had the best burger I have ever tasted (could have been the hangover talking tbh).

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The indoor market next to Norreport metro station is a great place to stop and grab something to eat on the go. We grabbed some tasty focaccia’s from a stall before going to the airport.

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Paper Island



This place was AWESOME! I’m so glad a friend recommended it to me before we left because there would have been no way I would have found this place on my own.
Paper Island is basically a hall full of street food stalls with tons of different foods to try. We got lucky with the weather since it was lovely to sit by the water outside.

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Coffee shops

Coffee Collective


There are a few Coffee Collective cafes around town and I had heard that they make the best coffee in Copenhagen. We were lucky that there was one literally 2 minutes from the apartment we were staying in so we got our morning coffees from there. Both of the ones we went to were packed with people, which is a good sign 👍

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Bertels Salon

Bertels Salon makes Copenhagen’s best cheesecakes. I WISH I had taken photos of our cheesecake but unfortunately my tiredness got the best of me 😑 The cheesecakes were so creamy and delicious!

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Where to have drinks





Not only good for food- ALSO drinks! The perfect location for sunbathing and people watching.

Meatpacking District

Again, why didn’t I take any photos here?! We went to the market on Saturday and enjoyed a few glasses of wine with our empanadas. Really fun vibe with lots of friendly people! If there was only one place I could go to for drinks in Copenhagen it would be here.

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Nørrebro Bryghus

We went to Nørrebro Bryghus for dinner one night, and while the food was okaaaay at best, they have a big selection of beers (well, it is a brewery so….) I don’t really drink beer but according to the husband they were good.

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Wine bars 

One thing I noticed in Copenhagen was the huge amount of wine bars everywhere. This was perfect for me as I LOVE white wine and find ridiculous reasons to drink it at any occasion (bathtime? yes. jogging? yes. in a meeting? yes. just kidding, but you get my point). I wonder why there aren’t as many wine bars in Stockholm or Edinburgh?


Mikkeller is a chain of bars (apparently there are 11 in Copenhagen alone) that focus on beer. It didn’t have that mainstream “chainy” kind of feeling though which is nice.

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