10 Things I’ve Done This Summer (+ 10 More Things I Want To Do Before It Ends)

Things to do this summer



Ah, summer. The best season of all. Always feels like I spend years waiting on summer to arrive and then it’s over in a heartbeat. Now we’re just over halfway through with the season and I’ve realized that I’ve actually managed to do quite a lot of the things that I love during summers. Instead of babbling on, here are ten things that I’ve done this summer that make me happy:

1. Made homemade flower arrangements

flowers summer

Peonies from our garden- can it get any better?! 🙌 My mom and I have made tons of flower bouquets and arrangements that we’ve dotted around the farmhouse.


2. Slept in a hammock

hammock summer

We’ve finally gotten around to fixing up the attic of our old barn. The space is pretty big so we put several hammocks up there to chill out in. My sister and I have spent several afternoons taking naps up there. Also a great hiding place if you want to escape loud family members/wasps/work etc.


3. Gone on a roadtrip

summer roadtrip

Finally went on a mini roadtrip in Scotland- and currently preparing our next one 😉


4. Been out on sea

summer sea

I’ve been on the sea many times this summer, mostly on cruise ships on the Baltic. But this catamaran trip we took in Cannes was the perfect way to kickstart the summer. Read more about our weekend in Cannes here.


5. Chilled on rooftops

summer rooftops

Rooftops, wine & good company. That’s summer in a nutshell. I spent several evenings on top of Urban Deli in Stockholm with friends and loved every second of it.


6. Drank gin and tonics and rose wine

gin and tonic summer

Gin to keep the mosquitos away of course. And wine to keep my soul happy.


7. Visited a rapeseed field

fields summer

Give me a field of flowers and I’ll be happy. I made Rob hunt down this particular field in the fear that I’ll miss a good photo op since I thought that they bloom pretty quickly. Well, here I am two months later and still pass rapeseed fields daily. Still happy to see them though.
See more of these yellow fields here.


8. Eaten loads of strawbs

summer strawberries

Honestly, I’m surprised I don’t have a permanent stomach ache from the amount of strawberries I’ve eaten this summer. I think I ate 2kg in one sitting a few weeks back.


9. Enjoyed many, many sunsets

summer sunsets

Sunsets at our farm house are my favorite ever 💗


10. Visited a bog

summer bog

Is it just me or is the word bog really ugly? Even though the word is kind of ugly, bogs aren’t. Especially Estonian bogs but I’m bias of course. I spent a lovely calm morning walking around this bog with my uncle- perfect summer morning!


Aaaaand here are 10 more things I want to do before summer ends:
1. Enjoy the Fringe festival
2. Bake a pie
3. Visit Jupiter Artland
4. Swim in a lake
5. Make frosé
6.Attend a Swedish crayfish party
7. Take sunrise photos
8. Open cinema night
9. BBQ pizza
10. Spend a whole day sunbathing


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