10 Long-Haul Flight Tips! ✈️

So I’m currently sitting on an 11-hour flight between Stockholm and Los Angeles and to kill the time I thought I would write this blog post. I travel quite a bit but only do long-hauls a few times a year, so I tend to prepare myself extra much for longer flights. I find it super important to have as much planned before a long trip so that the process is made as easy as possible.

1. Travel with both a suitcase and backpack

This has been a recent change I’ve made with all my trips- to travel with two bags, specifically with a backpack. I recently got a new backpack after not owning one for like the past 15 years and its made my life so much easier. I used to carry around a shoulder bag or tote when I was traveling but because I usually have my laptop, big camera, a lens or two and about 50 bags of candy with me, my right shoulder and back would be killing me by the end of the day. Now I put all my important stuff that needs to be take out frequently (i.e. wallet, passport, water bottle) into my backpack and keep larger, heavier stuff in the carry-on suitcase.

2. Put all your cables/chargers into a clear makeup bag

I place all my chargers, adapters and cables into a large clear make-up so that I can find them quickly when I need to. This has been really useful on this long flight since I take gadgets/cables out more frequently. This fun unicorn bag is what I’m using right now.

3. Put your camera in a fleece-lined pouch

If you carry a bigger SLR camera with you when you’re traveling then this will change your life. I never want to just throw my camera into my handbag since I have keys and other things in there that might scratch it. I bought a Mod Camera Bag a few years ago and it’s made traveling with a camera so much easier. It’s basically a little soft fleece-lined pouch that takes up no extra space in your bag but keeps the camera safe. Sometimes I even throw in a smaller lens into the pouch so that all my camera stuff is in one place.

4. Take spare ziploc baggies with you

Lol, if there was a crazy ziploc lady, it would be me. For some reason I just really like plastic baggies to put stuff into. But all jokes aside, they’re great for travel. Whenever I want to put snacks away without them spilling all over my bag, out comes the ziplocs. They’re great for “compartmentalising” things.

5. Take an extra set of clothes and necessities with you

I know this is an obvious one but I’ve made the mistake of not taking spare clothes with me one too many times. For some reason, the last 5 out of 6 flights or so my bags have gotten lost or delayed! It’s such a pain in the ass, especially when I have work or important stuff to do the next day and I don’t have fresh clothes or makeup with me. I know you can get reimbursed for stuff you buy but I don’t always have the time to go shopping the day of or after a flight. I always keep an extra pair of pants, a tshirt, my toothbrush, deo and basic makeup items in my carry-on.

6. Combatting blocked ears on a flight

A few years ago I got really sick in NYC the day before my flight back to Europe. I had the whole thing- a mega cold, super blocked ears and a sore throat. I tend to get pain in ears when I fly anyway so I was extra scared of flying this time around. I turned to Google and saw people writing of Earplanes, which help with pressure in the ears. These are literally life savers! Yes, they look like little plastic screws that stick out of your ears but so what. I always pop them in, even if I don’t have a cold.

7. Take an empty water bottle with you

I hate how overpriced water bottles are at airports so if I have extra space with me I take a large water bottle with me and fill it up with water at the airport, like at water fountains etc. Once I was on a Finnair flight to Miami and didn’t buy any water beforehand and we were only given a few of those tiny cups of water. It was so bizarre.

8. Exercise before the flight

This has been a recent development of mine, ever since I got a Fitbit last year and got obsessed with taking steps, ha. I always get a bit itchy and restless on flights so what really helps me is to exhaust myself out before I fly. This also helps with flight nerves since I get too tired of being scared.

9. Take a large scarf with you

Zara has these amazing large scarves that they come out with every winter. They’re basically large blankets, so I always travel with mine. On the flight I’m on now the blankets we were given are tiny and really thin so the Zara one is perfect! This is the scarf I bought this year.

10. Pre-plan your entertainment

I always try to take something extra with me in case the movies are crap on the flight. I usually have a book or magazine with me, and lately I download as many podcasts as I can (currently loving My Dad Wrote A Porno- can’t stop listening to it!). On this flight there’s actually wifi which makes time go by faster but I still always try to be prepared. Nothing sucks more than staring at the seat in front of you for ten hours 😱


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