10 healthy pancake recipes
When I was growing up my dad would make pancakes almost every Sunday morning (or afternoon, depending on how slow lorisey we were being) which was such a nice way to spend time together. It was literally the only thing he was good at making, my poor dad.  He would make these super thin, almost crepe-like pancakes and we would eat them with raspberry jam and condensed milk. Yuuuum.

When I moved out I was forced to start making my own pancakes (not every Sunday cause I was too lazy) so I started experimenting with fluffier American style pancakes. Over the years I’ve pretty much perfected my fluffy pancake skills but I’ve had to drastically cut down on the frequency of my pancake consumption since those pancakes like to form a layer of chubbyness on my belly and not go away. Sigh.
Earlier this week I was really craving pancakes but I realized that I hadn’t made any in many many many months. I want to really make pancakes but they need to be healthier, I decided. So of course I ran to my laptop and consulted with the wisest of them all, Google.
A short 20 or so minutes later I saved and pinned what had felt like hundreds of pancake recipes that need to be tested and tried. Here’s a list of the top 10 that I WILL make, starting this weekend.

1. Simple 2 Ingredient Pancakes- banana & eggs

healthy pancake recipes
Source: Gimme Delicious

Here’s the classic 2 ingredient healthy pancake recipe, featuring just eggs and bananas. Super simple, quick and tasty. I just bought this “healthy”ish chocolate sauce that I predict will go swimmingly with these pancakes.

Find the recipe here: http://gimmedelicious.com/2016/01/04/healthy-2-ingredient-paleo-pancakes-gluten-dairy-free-no-sugar-added/

2. Blueberry banana greek yogurt pancakes

Healthy pancakes recipes
Source: Gimme Delicious

Love blueberries. Love greek yoghurt. Sold.

Find the recipe here: http://gimmedelicious.com/2016/01/04/healthy-2-ingredient-paleo-pancakes-gluten-dairy-free-no-sugar-added/ 

3. Extra fluffy choco chip pancakes

healthy pancake recipes
Source: The Big Man’s World

For someone who loves chocolate chip cookies as much as myself, I’m surprised I haven’t thrown in chocolate chips into my pancakes earlier. Kind of disappointed with myself to be honest.

Find the recipe here: http://thebigmansworld.com/2016/03/29/healthy-fluffy-low-carb-chocolate-chip-pancakes/

4. Oat & coconut pancakes

healthy pancake recipes
Source: Franglais Kitchen

I’ve been on a major coconut kick lately (literally add it to everything) so I’m sure I would like these. Maybe even with some coconut cream on the side? Yum yum yum.

Find the recipe here: http://franglaiskitchen.com/oat-and-coconut-pancakes-recipe/

5. Double chocolate greek yogurt pancakes

healthy pancake recipes
Source: Running with Spoons

I’m salivating. That’s all I’m going to say.

Find the recipe here: http://www.runningwithspoons.com/2016/06/28/double-chocolate-greek-yogurt-pancakes/

6. Gluten free spinach oatmeal pancakes

healthy pancake recipes
Source: Joy Food Sunshine

Hehe, these look like fun! I love anything colorful so I’ll definitely be trying these out soon.

Find the recipe here: http://joyfoodsunshine.com/spinach-oatmeal-pancakes/

7. Cinnamon bun pancakes

healthy pancake recipes
Source: The Big Man’s World

OH.MY.GOD. For someone who has lived most of their life in Sweden, these are a big deal to me.

Find the recipe here: http://thebigmansworld.com/2014/11/11/cinnamon-bun-pancakes/

8. pumpkin spice pancakes

healthy pancake recipes
Source: hot for food

I know that pumpkin is very autumnal but I don’t see why these can’t be made any time of year. Plus pumpkin is just so damn tasty.

Find the recipe here: http://www.hotforfoodblog.com/recipes/2015/9/25/pumpkin-spice-pancakes

9. peanut butter pancakes

healthy pancake recipes
Source: Just So Tasty

Can’t go wrong with peanut butter 😏

Find the recipe here: http://www.justsotasty.com/peanut-butter-pancakes/

10. red velvet pancakes

Healthy pancake recipes
Source: Sanhya’s Kitchen

Saving the best for last!!! These are literally the first on my list. They just look so pretty! I kind of wish I had stumbled upon this recipe during Valentine’s Day but oh well.

Find the recipe here: http://sandhyahariharan.co.uk/2017/02/08/red-velvet-pancakes/

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