10 Beauty Items That I Can’t Live Without

top 10 beauty items
I buy a LOT of products. Or a lot for me, at least. I frequently set shopping bans for myself but then forget about them as I skip my way to Boots or click away on Feelunique. My drawers are embarrassingly full of products that I often forget about, even though I like almost everything that I own. If something doesn’t suit me it goes straight to my sister or cousin, who are of course overjoyed at being given makeup and other goodies every few months. But it also acts like a silly reason for me to go ahead and shop more, which is bad.
Recently I’ve been thinking of minimising my makeup & skincare drawers and only sticking to the products that I know I like and use frequently. I’ve been thinking about the products that I absolutely love and keep repurchasing over and over again. These are the kinds of products that I know if I lost or if they broke I would buy again in a heartbeat because they just work for me. These are a mix of beauty, skincare and hair products, as well as one perfume thrown in the mix, so I wanted to share them.


I’m actually surprised I don’t have more listed under this category, seeing as my drawers are mostly overflowing with makeup’y bits. I think it’s because I switch out my face makeup every few months since my face gets drier in the winter and oilier in the summer etc. I might do a post on my fave foundations & powders for each season later.
Anyway, I have two makeup items that I use every.single.day, even when I’m wearing a lot of makeup or almost nothing at all. First up is a standard black eyeshadow. I’m currently using MAC’s Carbon. I’ve got the standard pot version, even though I used to own the pan one. I actually find it easier to travel with the pot because I’m usually too lazy to use many different eyeshadows in a palette anyway. I use this as a liner for my top eyelids or to set liquid or kohl liners. My eyes are quite small so it’s a must for me- using mascara isn’t enough, my eyes just look lost in my face lol.  I find this eyeshadow to be perfectly pigmented for me. It’s easier to use than Makeup Geek’s Corrupt which is waaaaay too pigmented and I end up with a ton of fall out.

top 10 beauty items
The second item is Benefit’s Gimme Brow. I know I’ve talked about this on the blog before. Ever since it came out a few years ago I keep repurchasing and can’t find anything that is better. On weekdays when I’ve got to look more presentable I’ll use this after filling in my brows with a pencil and it just pulls everything together and makes my brows look more natural. On days when I’m working from home or if I’m lazy I’ll use it on it’s own and it makes my eyebrows look 10x better in literally 5 seconds.


I’ve been getting a lot more into skincare lately and have even been upping my routine on a daily basis. Before I would just wash my face with a random face wash, slap on some moisturiser and call it a day. Now I’ve got a system in place (insert smug face) and my skin is thanking me for it.
I’ve also only got 2 things in this category- a face wash and a toner.
The favourite face wash is Dermalogica’s Special Cleansing Gel and I’ve repurchased it 4 or 5 times since discovering it a couple years ago. I’ve even got my husband hooked on it. It takes off every single last bit of my makeup (even stubborn mascara), never irritates my skin and lathers up like a dreamy dream. It’s semi-pricey but totally worth it. We buy the big 500 ml bottle from Feelunique that has the pump. Easy peasy lemon squeezy to use.
The toner I’ll use most days after washing my face is Thayer’s Original Witch Hazel Astringent. My bottle looks old and sun-bleached and that’s because it is- I’d lost this one for ages and was using another bottle. I don’t think it’s gone off or anything so I’ll use it up.
Why I like it? Because I feel like it really deep cleanses my skin, doesn’t irritate it or make it feel dry and has made my skin so.much.clearer. I don’t think I’ll even toy with the idea of testing out another toner anytime soon.

top 10 beauty items


Onto hair stuffs. In terms of shampoo, I’m SO HAPPY because I’m pretty sure I’ve found the best two shampoos out there. I use two different ones- one to really nourish my dry and bleached hair and the other to deep cleanse.
The one I use most frequently is the Pureology Hydrate range. This stuff is gold. I’d seen people talk about it on YouTube and blogs etc but never really gave it any thought and continued to buy crappy drugstore ones. Then at one point I had a weak moment and splurged on the Pureology stuff. It’s worth eveeeeery penny. I now buy the big size bottles from Feelunique and pour it over into smaller bottles so that they take up less room in my shower. It makes my hair the softest ever but it doesn’t weigh it down. I know it sounds crazy but I almost feel like I have more hair on my head after using this. It’s like it becomes thicker?! I’m honestly scared that my hair is going to get so used to it and will stop working it’s magic on me 🙁

top ten beauty items
About once a week I’ll go in and use a cleansing shampoo- my fave one is the Bumble & Bumble Sunday Shampoo, hands downnnn. It makes my hair super duper squeaky clean. It does feel kind of drying but I know that all the gunk has been scrubbed out of my hair. Love this stuff!
Aside from shampoo I’ve got two other hair products. The first is my leave-in conditioner. I use the It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-in Product and I think I’ve repurchased this at least five times. I only spray it into the bottom of my hair and it will take out any stubborn knots or accidental dreadlocks I have.
My second product love is baby powder. Yeah, sounds weird but I use it as dry shampoo. Why? a) I’m blonde so it doesn’t look ashy on me b) it works better than normal dry shampoo because it really soaks in the oil (ew) c) it’s easy to transport d) it’s cheap AF and e) it lasts forever. Need I say more?

top 10 beauty items


Finally, I’ve got two other products that I have bought over and over and over again and always have back-ups of. First is my D&G The One perfume. You know those scents that remind you of that one friend/colleague/family member etc? Well, this is my scent. I don’t use it every day and I feel like it’s not even that special, but it’s just me. I started wearing it back in 2007 and always go back to it. It’s comforting and easy to wear any time of day etc. I don’t think I’ll ever not have a bottle lying around.
Then the last item is kind of strange but I love anything from the Fine Scottish Soaps Au Lait collection. I.just.love.the.scent. I’ve gone through approx. 10 bottles of their bath milk, several body scrubs & gels and don’t even get me started on how many hand washes. Luckily they often have them at TK Maxx so I just stock up whenever I can. My mother-in-law is also a keen fan so she picks them up for me as well sometimes. We’ve even had many lengthy conversations about the soap haha (don’t judge).

…and on that note I think it’s time to stop rambling. So I will. Wishing you a great day!


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