My Shopping Guide to Lyon

Shopping- one of my fave hobbies (aside from eating, of course). Put me in any new city and I’ll scope out the shops reaaaaaal fast 💁‍♀️ Which is exactly what I did in Lyon. Within two days I had a pretty good overview of where all the different shopping options were- think independent boutiques, vintage shops, riverside markets and even big…

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Hotel Review: Washington Park Hotel South Beach, Miami

Ah, Florida. Feels a bit like a dream now even though it was less than a month ago that we were there. Miami was our first stop on our trip and I wanted to plan our stay perfectly, so that we didn’t need to stress too much. In the past, we’ve always picked up a rental car immediately after landing…

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Meet Klaus

I’ve gotten a new look for the blog! I’ve been wanting something a bit more “airy” for a while now and Jack from LMND helped me achieve just that! I really cannot recommend Jack and his team enough so if you’re looking for anyone to help you with your site/branding/likeprettymuchanything get in touch with them, you won’t regret it. If…

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